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Luca Bizzotto, an entrepreneur and founder of two companies, engages in the South Florida market. As a fluent speaker of English and Italian and a proficient speaker of Spanish, he developed strong relationships within the diverse South Florida business community.

Alto Global Processing


Alto Global Processing is a leading provider of merchant services for card-not-present industries.

The company has formed direct acquiring relationships with merchant banks in nearly every continent of the world to service the broad scope of online industries and maximize merchant profitability. By pairing merchants with strategic acquiring partners based on industry, risk factors, geography and target market, Alto has been able to increase merchant revenue and reduce overall processing costs.

Perhaps Alto's most valuable asset, is founded on the versatility of its team members. The management team has been strategically selected and premised on areas of expertise. In turn, Alto has collectively created an operational team that has decades of combined experience in the technical, banking and merchant space.

In addition to direct merchant processing solutions, Alto also offers various value added products. The company has developed its proprietary payment gateway technology to securely transmit the transactional data directly from merchant to acquirer, and is integrated with nearly every commonly used CRM. Alto also works with Alternative Payment Networks to maximize merchant revenue in regions of the world where credit cards are not the primary form of payment. Additionally, Alto Global Processing has recently launched its latest suite of risk management products in the 'Alto Shield', which include fraud prevention and chargeback mitigation tools.

Alto Shield

Chargeback Prevention System

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Don’t worry we have saved hundres of businesses just like you!

Chargebacks are an unfortunate part of e-commerce, and a major threat to online businesses. A chargeback occurs when a credit card holder contacts their credit card-issuing bank to initiate a refund for a purchase made on their card. Chargeback’s arise for a variety of reasons but generally they are the result of a cardholder changing their mind, being dissatisfied with the purchase, or a case of fraud.

To learn more about chargeback prevention and find out how Alto Shield can help your business just click here.



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